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A simple, free, must-have financial tool for anyone looking to start, overhaul, fine-tune, or evaluate alternatives to a regenerative pastured egg operation.

You tell OOLA key elements about your operation: how many hens, land costs, cost of your supplies, etc.

OOLA tells you how much money you need to get started, what it'll cost to produce your eggs down to the doze, and how long it'll take to recover your investment.

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

Tools in progress

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A production and finance tool for pastured poultry operations. Figure out your costs to grow, process, and market your broiler chickens

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Get a handle on your operation-wide overhead costs to figure out which enterprises in your business are really carrying their weight



Production and finance tool for lamb-to-finish sheep operations that yield multiple products (lamb, mutton, wool, and pelts)

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Integrated e-commerce, inventory, production management, and auditing for large aggregators and co-ops. Customizable and extensible to fit the needs of even the most complex operations

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